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August 23, 2016, 9:26 AM

Are you rowing?

I Cornithians 4:1 "So then, men ought to regard us as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the secret things of God." NIV

The word servants here denotes subordination - people in positions of less power or authority; submissive or controlled by authority.

In the Greek New Testament the word ministers was used - translated from the Greek word,  huperetas the very lowest class of criminals.

In ancient times these criminals were sent to the lower deck of the ship and chained to a bench and to each other to take up the oar and move the ship.  All would have to use all the strength in order to move these heavy oars in order for the ship to move.

When I put that into thoughts of myself and the jobs I am placed here to do for Christ. I begin to realize that Paul is telling me, I can't do my job alone.  

Within the family unit, I cannot keep the family together without the aid of my husband and all the members of the family.  It takes all our strength beginning with my husband and myself to the great grandchildren, to move the family forward. Putting God and only God first will keep this family together.

It is the same within my church family; it takes all the members to move the church forward. and all the members must be servants first to Christ.

Take this blog as an example; it has not seen an entry since June 8th of this year.  It is not moving. it is at a standsill. So I challenge this team of which I am a member to once again, take up our oars and move this blog. 

I am drawing on some questions I recently read by Rick Warren and adapting them to this blog. 

 1. Do you know what boat God has called you to jump into and start rowing? What church, organization, ministry, or mission are you supposed to be helping?

2. When you look at your own life, can you see that it has taken the combined efforts of many faithful people to get you where you are today? 

Dear God, as I blog and share my recent state of mind and draw on others and their understanding of your word; help me and those reading this blog to consider the "oar" we are to take up. Help us to draw on you and each other and the strength we have together to move our faith; our families; our employment; our church; our communities and our country forward. I ask this in Jesus' name, Amen.

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